Sydenham Arts Festival 2013

It is that time of year again and I’m pulling my work together to show at the Sydenham Arts Festival 2013, South London. The festival has grown over the years and supports a diverse and extremely creative community in this quarter of London. I shall be returning to the Grow Mayow site in order to use this space as part of the “Little Greens” The gardens are perfect for providing resource for a number of my workshops this year.

The first workshop will be on the Camera Obscura, where I shall demonstrate how light travels by getting everyone to make a Camera Obscura of their own. This will be held on Sat. 6th July 1-2pm, £5 and there are 10 places available.

The second workshop will be on the Pinhole Camera and we shall make a small camera and I shall show everyone how to recycle old containers and convert them into new cameras. Sun 7th July 1-2.30pm £10 there are 10 places.

The third workshop will be on the popular Lumen Printing Process, these workshops have always been very full and very rewarding, especially when the sun shines! learn how to make beautiful ephemeral images captured on photo paper. Sat 13th July 1pm end is variable. £5 15 places available.

For more details, please see the pdf  Little Greens section. bookings can be made via my contact page.

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