Ky Lewis is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator based in South London with a practice currently centred on experimental, alternative photography and printmaking. 

Though process is very much part of her work, her interests are in story telling, the intersection of connection, human to environment, landscape, history and cycles of life. She enjoys working on more than one project at a time. Long form projects, conceptual and unique works, working both in a darkroom and on location her images are imbued with atmosphere and emotions redolent of her time in the landscape.

“The emotional response to a specific site is what is important to me, feelings based on light, fleeting moments barely noticed, the essence of a place held at the edges of awareness. I have a strong interest in Wabi Sabi and the ethos of imperfection, history, growth, decay, even smells influence my work. Using a variety of processes to achieve my work I manipulate light and chemicals working with my subject matter both on site and in my darkroom.”

Creating pinhole images and camera-less works, she uses large format cameras and  many are made out of simple waste items such as old tins, film pots, boxes and the like, from such disposable items come dreamy images, resonant of past memories. She runs workshops, sharing knowledge of traditional and alternative process.

Work has been published in everything from limited edition photography magazines, such as Seities, The Hand and Analog Forever magazine to  ‘How To’ manuals such as Jill Enfield’s Guide to Alternative Photographic Processes, and Thames and Hudson’s Experimental Photography, a Handbook of Techniques. Recently she has received awards and honourable mentions from TIFA, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, and Denis Roussel(Rfotofolio). 

 Christopher James said of her work, ”… If I came across your work in a museum I would sit down on a bench and savour it” Denis Roussel Awards Outstanding category 

She has exhibited nationally and internationally in both solo and group shows with awards from PX3; Denis Rousell; Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, TIFA; NYC4PA; Fix Photo Festival.

Recent selected exhibitions include “Enlighten” Griffin Museum of Photography 2022, Boston; “Svitlo” Looiersgracht60 Amsterdam2022; WOW Festival Royal Festival Hall Southbank London2022; “Cluster” OXO Tower London2022; “Other Ways Of Seeing” Plaxall Gallery New York.