World Wide Pinhole Photography Day/weekend Doomed Gallery Dalston April 2015

WWPPD Pinhole Weekend Doomed


10922724_10152882221656733_8526406210289197041_nA year has flown past and it’s time again for the WPPD weekend, lots of fun with pinholes at Doomed Gallery Dalston for this weekend. ¬†Friday night saw the launch with a Pinhole PV for the exhibition call, submissions came from far and wide and included a range of pinhole approaches. The PV was packed and for the duration of the evening there were also long exposures happening in the galleries ubiquitous Red Stripe cans, what elso does one do with the empties! These were set up by Sheila McKinney and later processed with great results.



WWPPDPinholeportraitsMikeDoomed2015The Saturday saw Mike Crawford and Andy A doing an incredible amount of work in a “pinhole booth” After making over 60 pinhole portraits I think the day came to a glorious end and the processing began. The results were marvellous and eventually shared on the Sunday afternoon just after my Pinhole workshop had finished and some of the results returned from processing.



WWPPDpinholeworkshop2015The workshop was a sell out and everyone managed to make working matchbox pinhole cameras which were then used on Ridley Road. The results varied widely in both subject matter and expected results. Everyone has an idea of how they imagine their images will appear and when it is the first time you have made an image other than from a digital camera it can be a bit of a surprise to see what has been produced.

Due to the lack of darkroom film was used and processed offsite for speed, colour film was used and gave some interesting results with the typical pinhole matchbox look and occasional light leaks.




Ridley Road market was sadly not on and so the abundant imagery of stalls and people were lacking but all the photos still captured the essence of the place, the colour, the raw look, the roughness of the road. I had good feedback for this and some of the students have since made new cameras and explored pinhole on their own.