The core of my work uses pinhole photography as a base, it is a starting point for the production of many series. I love the methodical aspect to this kind of creation, it is a process that gives me time for contemplation. The cameras are a mix of homemade and purchased; old and new; expensive and free. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what I use, it is about the action of making the image, the preparation, the consideration of the subject assessing the exposure and composition and then the wait, sometimes the exposures are short waiting only seconds sometimes my patience extends to months maybe years.!!

I work in many formats from the micro to 10″x 8″ or even larger with cameras made from large containers or boxes or even sheds. Subjects include for the most part landscape, environment and ecology parks, cityscapes and people. I have worked on documenting particular ecology sites and allotment spaces in South London.

The ‘documentation’ is not the usual, working in this medium gives me scope to approach the subject matter in unusual more experimental ways. I use Solargraphy to record the passage of the sun within an environment over very extended periods of time. The serendipitous approach to image making means time may pass and an image may or may not happen, I document success and failure.

I am currently working on a long term project called, “Ness”  a work in progress, recently started this series is about my emotional connection with the places I have chosen to photograph. For many years I have had an interest in landscape but I’m not looking at making these places look pretty they all have a sense of abandonment, desolation, they are wide open, laid bare often raw and and unwelcoming but also in some respects honest landscapes that hide nothing and share a sense of melancholy as well as wonder.