Sydenham Arts Festival 2013 Workshops

Where: Grow Mayow Community Garden, Mayow Park, Mayow Road SE26 4JA.

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Camera Obscura

Sat. 6th July  1-2pm £5 10 places

Make your own Camera Obscura using recycled materials and then take digital images of the inverted images you see inside.

This fascinating demonstration of how light travels in straight lines is great for adult accompanied children.

Suitable for adults and children.



Not Pandora's Box

Not Pandora’s Box









Pinhole Camera

Sun 7th July 1-2.30pm £10 10 places

Learn how to make pinholes from recycled objects and explore the types of images you can get.

Matchboxes, old containers, tins and boxes can all be used. Camera examples will also be available.  Suitable for adults and older children.




Caught in the light, immortalised in its decay!

Caught in the light, immortalised in its decay!

Lumen Printing

Sat 13th July 1pm ending variable £5 15 places

Learn how to use this process,
to explore the plants in Grow Mayow and then combine them
to create beautiful ephemeral images captured on photographic paper.

Bring a digital camera or phone to record your process. Suitable for all.

Link to Artists Trail pdf:

Please check the “Little Greens” section

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