Breathe – A Dialogue with the Urban Forest

This series in the making is primarily about the urban forest, mental health, biodiversity and a sustainable way to live in our city, London. During the early months of the pandemic I became increasingly aware that with their skeletal structure-trees had a strong visual parallel to the human lung, to the alveoli. It seemed clear to me to make the analogy between Covid-19 and how that virus causes it’s victims lungs to atrophy, subsequently becoming unable to breathe, to respire alone or at all, This visual interplay made me consider the importance of the tree as part of the greater urban forest in our cities, open spaces and gardens. It is necessary to have trees in an urban setting in order for the environment to again ‘breathe’ providing its population with many valuable resources such as oxygen, carbon capture, shade, water management, well being, biodiverse environments in parks etc. This series started in my London garden during lockdown but as we have gained our freedom so has the project and it will expand into the local parks recording the trees and making visual analogies to the health of the city.