Matchbox Pinhole Workshop at Gunpowder Cherry Pie

I was expecting six people at my last workshop, which due to the last minute advertising was pretty reasonable. I got set up in lovely eclectic surroundings and covered the mid mod furniture with cutting mats and hoped that those coming were dexterous enough not to have an accident!

Once everyone had arrived and introductions were made we began to make our little cameras. I never who may come along to my workshops or whether they have any knowledge of film or understanding of what they are making but I certainly hope that by the time they  leave they will know just what they are going to do with that camera and they may even go on to make up their own designs.

Mark the proprietor of Gunpowder Cherry Pie supplied some nice wine and we all decided to do all the technical cutting before getting stuck into that. We were to make a very simple matchbox pinhole cam with possibly a variety of interior masks, though I think for the most part people went for the full frame rectangle that is most familiar.

Everyone managed to finish the evening with a working camera, after a few issues with the clicker. I’m looking forward to seeing the results from the cameras.


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