Searching for Light a Solargraphic Germination

This project was set up to determine via the process of a double durational study, the environmental conditions and influence they have on the contents.
Seeds were placed inside the pots with a limited amount of water. The pots contained Ilford silver gelatine paper. The photo paper would record the passage of the sun from East to West and during the period the seeds would grow. Germination would not necessarily occur in all seeds and this would only be discovered at the end of the project.
To establish that growth is occurring the seedlings will pass across the surface of the photopaper and leave areas of negative space, which will block light form the pinhole and thus cause breaks in the creation of the solar paths on the paper. The intersection of these paths should give an indication how the weather patterns have influenced the growth of the plants and the recording of the sun trails in conjunction with the visible growth shown as a photograph in the landscape, highlighting the requirement for certain conditions to be maintained in order to sustain life.
The success and failure is part of the process, whatever the outcome will be recorded and printed as final images.