Love Sheppey X August 2014

Taking part in Love Sheppey X was fantastic, I have to thank Laurie Harpum for organising and including me in the roll call of great artists and craftspeople that took part in this event. It was the second time it was held and will probably become a regular event for the Isle of Sheppey, showcasing some marvellous work and very interesting artists.

I had decided to keep the majority of the work included a selection of familiar coastal landscapes that people could engage with even though they were made with pinhole cameras, toy cameras or even a few were camera less, though obviously not of landscapes. I managed to get everything set up in good time and using the Heras panels was fine and in fact made hanging quite straightforward. I had a selection of cards and books with me as well and as this was my first show for a very long time in this community I kept my expectations low.

The day was long and very busy, it was interesting that there really weren’t any serious quiet times in the day and even across lunch I was continually talking about my work and the changing coastline. I was very fortunate to make a sale early int he day and sometimes i think that having a ‘red dot’ of sale on an item makes people a little more interested. I was very lucky later int he day to sell a significant series that I had only just put together. If you can’t choose one image then always good to have all of them. I’m very grateful to the person who purchased those and to all that bought my work that day from the simplest card, loose print books or to the whole series that went. I also got commissions and talked to many like minded people, met some great artists, swapped work and made connections which will be useful for the future. All in all a great day shared with fellow family artists, who also sold work.

I am looking forward to next years event which will no doubt be bigger and better again, I may even do a workshop.