Soundcamp and Reveil 2021

Soundcamp was held on the 1st & 2nd May, this year due to the current situation with regard to the global Covid-19 Pandemic, I collaborated in a different way. Working from my suburban South London garden I documented over the course of the weekend as much of my ‘greenish’ space as possible in a variety of techniques both traditional and alternative, experimenting with approaches to image making that I would not have been able to do normally at the Stave Hill Ecology Site in Rotherhithe.

The plan was to work on a limited portion of the garden at a time, within that area I will document the biodiversity within that specified space…

Pinhole, cyanotype, lumen, solargraph, anthotype chemigram, chromo even just digital was used as a documentation. After the weekend I will collate the work into collections with a working title of “Familiar Ground”

During the day social media postings were made on Instagram, giving an overview of the days activities and my response to listening to both my environment and that of others on the Reveil8. Process shots, stills of work, results and sounds, building an image of a typical London terrace house garden.

The westerly end of the garden contains a very large hybrid Robinia Pseudoacacia approx. 75′ with a span covering three gardens to about 35′ this provides a dappled shade. It is home to a significant amount of wildlife, Both bird and animal. The tree only starts to bud in May and so still has a wintery look up until midsummer. This is actually one of 10 trees of varying sizes from 4′ through to 65′ for a tall cedar(cedrus) and up to the height of the Still growing Robinia at 75′

The images below have been made with a range of homemade cameras, the TeacaddyCam a cylindrical container with two pinholes one of which is anamorphic giving both a curve and a distortion to the photos and the Venditacam a rectangular Italian sweet tin this allows the paper to be flat. The photo paper used was expired Ilford grade 0 from 1991.

The area

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