2015 off to a good start!

It ‘s January 8th A belated Happy New Year!

It seems like this year is going to be interesting and possibly full of surprises and a lot of work. Last year I tallied up all the main exhibitions and I had 13, now I don’t know if that’s good or bad, for me it was continuous so I suppose that’s a good thing. I would hope that this year is much the same, if not better as venues go, it does already look as though it may be that way as I start with the first exhibition in January and the work is on its way to Berlin for the Analogue Now Festival “Super Contemporaries” I was delighted to be asked to take part in this show and I’m getting quite excited at the thought of going to the opening next week.

Analogue Now

I am also working on three other forthcoming exhibitions/projects which will take me toward March. I have the opportunity of exhibiting at the Quad Gallery Derby as part of a collective for the Evidence Format Festival 2015, this will be a fascinating show and entitled “unfixed” as you can imagine the subject matter will need to be recorded in some way before it disappears! I expect there will be a number of other smaller submissions made during this period as well. I just hope I can hold focus on all the different aspects of my work that are involved in these. The subject matter sometimes overlaps though they are all quite individual projects.

I’m hoping I get to explore using a number of new techniques which I want to bring in, so I can marry up my printmaking and my photography, time seems to be the factor here, I have to be able to explore these processes in a continuous manner in order to develop coherent thoughts and tests. The two processes are Gum Bichromate and Photopolymer Gravure both of which I am aching to get to grips with, I can really see the potential for both in my work.

Another hope for this year is to get the studio finished and working, it’s been a laborious journey and it has still quite a way to go.

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