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Vimeo: Pinhole films:


Honourable Mention “Ness”

Award for Outstanding Work Denis Roussel Award Rfotofolio 2021

Honourable Mention 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Landscape “Ness”

Honourable Mention 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Fine Art

Honourable Mention Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

Shortlist Hundred Heroines Experimental Photography “Struck by Light” 2020

New York Centre for Photographic Art “Juror Selection” “From A Seed The World Of Botanicals” 2020

New York Centre for Photographic Art ‘Third Place’ “Decay Rust Corrosion” 2020

Metro Imaging Award mentoring Salon 18

Nominated for RPS Hundred Heroines

Shortlist Fix Festival Award LA Noble Menier Gallery UK 2018

Shortlist Secret Art Prize, Curious Duke Gallery UK 2018

“Up From Below” “Lumen” Show, Directors Selection  A Smith Gallery USA 2016

“Curious Camera” Arts Eye Gallery Tuscon Arizona USA

Books and Magazines

Here you can find a number of my self published books:

Here are links to books and magazines I am honoured to have work chosen for publishing:

Photography Physics and art in focus ed 2 John Beaver 

Analog Explorations Point A To Point B issue 3 

Analog Forever Magazine Edition 3

Shutter Hub Yearbook 2020

New York Centre For Photographic Art “From a Seed… A World of Botanicals”

New York Centre For Photographic Art “Decay Corrosion Rust 2019-20”

Aesthetica Magazine Artist Directory Issue 93

Seities Traditional Photography Publication

Obsolete and Discontinued

Plastic Fantastic Show IX Catalogue

The Hand Magazine Issue 16

The Hand Magazine Issue 15

An Antidote to Indifference 15

The Hand Magazine Issue 13

Sounds Remote Uniform Books

The Hand Magazine Issue 12

Sarmad Magazine Book Two part Two

Square magazine SP06- Holga


Fishing for Iconography

Experimental Photography

Stacie Turner’s As Yet Unnamed Toy Camera Magazine

Things with Wings Exhibition Catalogue at PhotoPlace Gallery

Jill Enfield ‘s Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes

Blur Magazine 30

The Pinhole Camera page 171

ToyCam:Lo-Fi Photography 2010×240?redirect=true

In Your Dreams Exhibition catalogue at PhotoPlace Gallery

Square Magazine SP03

The Hole New World:×240?redirect=true

Black and White Photography Magazine

Lomo lovers Vol 2 2011 page 38

Lomo Lovers Vol.5 2011 page 66 Pinhole Feature

Lomo Lovers Vol.7 2012 pages 35&40

Lomography City Gude:London

Lomography London Notebook

Lomography Lomo LC-A Big Book

Viewfinder Gallery Open Salon 2010

Light Leaks Magazine: Sadly this no longer exists but you may find some copies out there!


The Intrepid camera Blog: Ky Lewis reflecting on her ongoing series, ‘Ness’ – The Intrepid Camera Company

The Lensless Podcast

The Lensless Podcast 



Without Lenses:

The Pinhole Camera:


Rumble Winner:

Photomedia Centre Holga Show 3.0


2010 Open Juried Exhibition Photomedia Center

Nature Conservation Lewisham:

Toy Camera Website

Articles I have written for Lomography