Soundcamp and Reveil 2021

Soundcamp will be held 1st & 2nd May, this year due to the current situation with regard to the global Covid19 Pandemic, I shall be collaborating in a different way. Working from my suburban South London Garden I intend to document over the course of the weekend as much of my greenish space as possible in a variety of techniques both traditional and alternative, experimenting with approaches to image making that I would not have been able to do normally at the Stave Hill Ecology Site in Rotherhithe.

The plan is to work on a square metre of the garden at a time, within that area I will document the biodiversity within that specified space. The garden broken down into these metre squares will be assigned particular techniques of recording. In order to give the best option there will be a lucky dip approach and I shall make an attempt to capture plant and insect life whilst recording sounds during the process.

Pinhole, cyanotype, lumen, solargraph, anthotype chemigram, chromo maybe even just digital but a documentation will be made. Once the weekend is over I will bring the work together into a collection with a working title of “Familiar Ground”

During the day social media postings will be made on Instagram and possibly Twitter. Process shots, stills of work, results and sounds, an overview of a typical London terrace garden.

Soundcamp website