Ky Lewis is a fine art photographer, living in London for over 25 years. Having worked in design and illustration she now concentrates on making images via photographic methods. Her images continue to use analogue processes with little post production, the images you see are what was on the negative, created in camera using either the most basic pinholes or plastic “Toy” cameras or even without lenses by contact methods.

Creating pinhole images and images without lenses using the sun has become a passion. The pinhole cameras are often made out of simple waste items such as old tins, film pots, boxes and the like, from such disposable items come dreamy images, resonant of past memories. She also teaches art, printmaking and photography sharing her knowledge of these processes with children on long term projects such as Solargraphy and Lumen printing.

Previous projects have centred around the transcience of the figure in the landscape and especially beside water. Her book “Pinhole and Plastic” contains many images from this  series and has been published and is available at Blurb.com

A collection of images taken with a variety of plastic cameras has also been published, called “Wide Open” it explores the false panoramas that can be created using these “toys”. The images come from both the U.K. and Europe. This is also available at Blurb.com.

Growing Notes” is a notebook with images taken whilst gardening and at various allotment sites, when she’s not making photographs then you can find her on the plot, digging,  weeding and growing veg and plants, some of which she uses to make emulsions for her camera-less work (Anthotypes) The wonderful British weather means some of these are ‘cooking’ for weeks!

Working with others internationally she has also collaborated on a number of projects resulting in exhibitions in venues in India, America, Canada, Austria, Russia and London. Many of these images have been published in collections.