Ky Lewis is an artist and photographer, living in London. Having worked in design and illustration her core practice now uses photographic methods. Images use analogue processes with little post production with a focus on landscape, environment, cycles of life, death and decay.

“The emotional response to a specific site is what is important to me, feelings based on light, fleeting moments barely noticed, the essence of a place held at the edges of awareness. I have a strong interest in Wabi Sabi and the ethos of imperfection, history, growth, decay, even smells influence my work. Using a variety of processes to achieve my work I manipulate light and chemicals working with my subject matter both on site and in my darkroom.”

Creating pinhole images and camera-less works, she uses large format cameras and  many are made out of simple waste items such as old tins, film pots, boxes and the like, from such disposable items come dreamy images, resonant of past memories. She runs workshops, sharing knowledge of traditional and alternative process.

The book “Pinhole and Plastic” contains many images from the series Transience  and has been published at Blurb.com

A collection of images taken with a variety of plastic cameras has also been published, called “Wide Open” it uses “false panoramas” that can be created using “toy cameras”. The images come from both the U.K. and Europe. This is also available at Blurb.com.

Growing Notes” is a notebook with images taken whilst gardening and at various allotment sites.

Widely exhibited, recent shows include Reclaim Photography Festival, Wolverhampton; Offo Pinhole Festival, Poland; Medium Festival, San Diego; Heart of Darkness, The Tunnel.

Working with others internationally she has also collaborated on a number of projects resulting in exhibitions in venues in such countries as Poland; Germany; India; USA; Canada; Austria; Russia and London. Many of these images have been published in collections.