Events & Bookings

I shall attempt to keep you all updated with what is going on in my photographic world here, I’m not the kind of person to post everyday but I shall certainly put upcoming events that I think have a bearing on my current work especially when they are workshops and exhibitions and special moments.


Coming up…

“Blink Art Show”

South London Women Artists a one day showcase, don’t BLINK or you’ll miss it!















“Obsolete and Discontinued”

This exhibition is still showing at the Schaelphic Photokunstbar Koln Germany, so if you are nearby take the opportunity to visit this varied and fascinating exhibit.

Sydenham Arts Festival 2016

Looking forward to working in Grow Mayow Community Gardens during the Sydenham Arts Festival 2nd to 10th July, a long week but lots of fun and experimentation to be had in wonderful gardens that nestle in the corner of Mayow Park SE26 London. Pinholes, Lumens and Cyanotypes will be made!

Ticketed workshops available from Eventbrite, the link is below

Pinhole Photography Workshop Jul 4th book here

Pinhole Photography Workshop Jul 8th book here


Artists Trail Workshops and Demonstrations


HEFF Educational Festival Pinhole Workshops

I have organised ‘pop-up’ Pinhole workshops at the all new HEFF an educational festival held at Stonham Barns, Suffolk, this is a ticketed festival and you need to purchase tickets from their site in order to take part.

I’ll be doing Three pinhole workshops in all, totally mad, totally fun!


Working on numerous projects at the moment but hardly any time to actually get really engrossed in them. I have however got a lot of workshops lined up over the next month, Pinhole, lumen and cyanotype will be the key workshops, I’ll post more details and links when finalised.

These workshops will also be part of the forthcoming Sydenham Arts Festival which I have taken part in since it’s inception. I shall also be exhibiting works as part of this, details coming soon.

Delighted to be exhibiting again at A Smith Gallery USA for the “Pinhole” Exhibition, “I breathe” is certainly getting an airing!






“Up from Below” my fishy Lumen print is off to Novi, Cambridge UK. as part of the Shutter Hub Open, lots of exhibitions, talks and workshops for the month of June across to July.











Delighted to be part of “Plastic Fantastic VII” and I shall be exhibiting my pinhole, “I Breathe” this will be shown at Lightbox Gallery in Astoria Oregon USA.






Obsolete and Discontinued will be showing at Revela-T in Barcelona Spain and it’s great to have a Lumen heading down to it. “Disassembled Crow”












“Lumen” Show in March and April at A Smith Gallery Texas, honoured to have two pieces of work in this.












Krappy Kamera show at Soho Photo Gallery New York is coming up and cannot believe that I got into this with my pinhole, “I Breathe” Im hoping that a little trip may coincide with the exhibition and I’ll be able to see it in person and meet everyone.






I have been collaborating on a project with a number of other photographers and the results will be seen soon and will probably travel to a number of interesting festivals. It’s working title is Obsolete and Discontinued.

I have also been involved in a smaller publishing project which will be shown soon, this will be a show and also a publication.

I also have the pleasure to be involved in Book Two of Sarmad Magazine, a wonderful inspiring publication full of incredible artists and photographers.



SarmadMagazine Parsley Leaf







Soundcamp is also approaching and I shall be working with the team again this year  to provide visuals for this audio event.











“Show N Tell” with the LAPC at The Camera Club Kensington

A brief presentation of my work shared with guests and other members of the London Alternative Photography Collective.


Show n tell LAPC

Show n tell LAPC



Show n tell LAPC





“Krappy Kamera 2016”

Delighted and honoured to be part of this show held at Soho Photo Gallery, New York. This photo was made in Norway after a rather fresh swim!







“A Hope, Prayer and a Dream”

Excited to have two photos in the Fotofest International 2016 in Houston Texas, these photos are going to be printed large and wheat pasted the length of main street during the show.























“Chasing Shadows” has moved and it is onto another part of the tour, the solargraph is now showing at the Sugar Store Gallery The Lake District UK, this will be on from March until April 2016








“Rough Print” Rough print Gallery Dalston London UK

This was an open call and considering Holga had just announced it’s demise I decided to show one of my Holgaramas from my local park.

Across the Expanse






“Abstractions” A Smith Gallery Johnson City Texas USA

I sent in the pinhole “Tangled” along with a chain of cyanotype prayer flags to hang in the gallery. The prayer flags had been made in response to The  World Record attempt made on 19th September 2015 and the idea was to get everyone around the globe to make these and either hang them or send them to the gallery to be hung.















“Do You Like Love” Shutter Hub Show for Photomonth East London UK

Honoured to have work in the show and to be part of this amazing festival of photography with this Lumen print, “Dying Light I”










Mobile Magic XX

The last one and I got in, great to see the first of Dying Light get a viewing












Chasing Shadows Gallery X Dublin

Another outing for the solargraph and this time off to Eire








Actinic Festival in Edinburgh Scotland UK

Got my Lumen Cat out on the prowl!











Fishing for Iconography Event, a wheat pasting extravaganza in Johnson City Texas











Honourable mention received at Curious Camera

Arts Eye Tuscon Arizona USA

For my Solargraph

curious camera gallery










Death and Transition 17 April-1 May 2015












A group show with South london Women Artists, mixed work on the theme of Death and Transition

Gabriel Fine Art Gallery

Cottage 2, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane

Waterloo, London SE1 7LG


London Pinhole Festival for WPPD 24-26th April 2015






Doomed Gallery Dalston

London Alternative Photography Collective and Doomed Gallery are collaborating to bring you 3 day festival celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day which is on 26 April 2015.
The events will run from Friday 24th April to Sunday 26th April.
OPEN SUBMISSIONS:   Free submission 3-5 digital images, 100 word description. No restrictions on mounting/hanging – be creative! Send to: by 14th March 2015. TERMS:  If your work is chosen to be exhibited you must agree to pay £30 towards the venues running cost.

One exhibitor will win a free Shutter-Hub membership.

I am doing an all day workshop on the Sunday 26th and we’ll be making a pinhole camera and using it on Ridley Road…

check out the Event here if you want to purchase tickets


Soundcamp Reveil 2-3 May 2015

View back to sound tent in site 2

View back to sound tent in site 2











An international event with our base here in

London at Stave Hill Rotherhithe

Soundcamp is a series of outdoor listening events on International Dawn chorus day this is linked by Reveil which is a 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak relayed by live audio stream around the globe.

I have been making solargraph cameras and Matchbox pinhole cameras which will be sent out to each of the participants in order that they can also record visually the events of the day. The use of pinholes and the extreme long exposures of the solar graphs reinforces the slow nature of the event and the period of the 24 hours that it will be relayed whilst the exposures will also need to take that long, if not longer!